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July 2014 Archives

Michigan-based 5-Hour Energy to be sued

The company that makes 5-Hour Energy, known as Innovation Ventures LLC, is based in Michigan, having its headquarters in Farmington Hills. The company is now going to face business litigation from several different sources, including the Oregon Department of Justice. However, the state of Michigan itself is not expected to be part of the lawsuit.

Heath information exchanges merge in Michigan

When looking at health information exchanges, it is easy to point to New York and Illinois as states that boast the largest ones in the country. However, the state of Michigan has now made a move that could significantly close that gap. Two different organizations have gone through a merger, and the end result is that the new health information exchange that has been created has around five million patients.

Lawsuit between Grand Rapids and Plaza Towers over flood

A lawsuit has recently been brought against the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on behalf of Plaza Towers, a development of high-rise apartments that is located in the downtown area, near the Grand River. The lawsuit stems from the fact that the towers flooded in the spring of 2013. They had to be shut down for a time, starting in April and ending in May.

A pair of credit unions plan to merge in Michigan

Two Michigan credit unions are planning a merger, with one based out of Traverse City and the other based out of Charlevoix. The credit union in Charlevoix is known as Bay Winds Federal Credit Union, while the one that operates out of Traverse City is known as Members Credit Union. They plan to join and create a brand new option for those in the northern cities who are looking for places to store their money.

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