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When contract disputes arise, are your best interests protected?

When Michigan residents become involved in disputes with one another, there are certain ground rules that often must be followed. This is certainly the case when it comes to litigation, as there are numerous rules that apply to the matter.

The particular rules involved will depend on the circumstances of each case. For example, different rules apply in federal court than those that apply in state court. Likewise, different rules apply based on whether a case is at a trial court or on appeal. It is vital that individuals understand the rules that apply, because even a minor distinction in procedure or substance can have a major impact on the case.

Different rules may also apply based on the particular kind of case that is in dispute. Recently, for instance, this blog discussed the rules of interpretation that apply under contract law when parties are disputing the terms of a contract. These rules instruct the court how to examine a contract, including how the terms of the contract should be read by the court and what evidence may be considered by the court in its attempt to determine what the parties intended.

Our firm has handled numerous contract disputes on behalf of our clients. We have worked closely with our clients to understand what specific issues are in dispute, including what terms of a contract may be at issue. We have then gathered the appropriate evidence and formulated a strategy to protect our clients’ best interests, including demonstrating to the court what was intended in a disputed contract. For more information on potential contract problems in Michigan, please visit our webpage on contract disputes.

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