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How should employers handle allegations of sexual harassment?

In today's workplace, sometimes an employee will claim that another employee sexually harassed him or her. When employers in Michigan are faced with such a dilemma it is important that they act promptly and appropriately. If not, the employer could be subject to a lawsuit brought by the purported victim.

Contract law at center of 'Simpsons' cast member dispute

When in a contractual relationship, it is important that the parties to the contract know and understand the rights and responsibilities of each party. There are basically two types of contracts, oral and verbal. Although verbal contracts are technically enforceable under contract law, it is rather hard to do because it has the potential to turn into a he said/she said type of situation. To avoid the confusion that accompanies an oral contract, parties in Detroit can obtain a solid written contract. Written contracts require offer, acceptance and consideration. Moreover, there must be mutual assent among the parties to the contract.

Understanding contractual relationships in business

What many people may not realize that contractual relationships may exist in Michigan even when there is nothing written down to prove the existence of a contract. For instance, the courts do recognize oral contracts in some cases. This is not always the preferred way to start a contractual relationship with another party as it may be extremely difficult to prove an oral contract, but they are viewed as legally enforceable. As with all contracts including oral contracts, there has to be an offer, acceptance and consideration for the contract to be valid. Missing one of these elements may make a contract vulnerable to attack if a party wants to get out of the contract.

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