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Contracts in real estate are subject to scrutiny

Real estate contracts, like all other contracts, are based on a specific area of law. There are overriding contract principles that pertain to all contracts, such as the requirements of an offer, acceptance and consideration. Without these three key items, there is no contract.

Michigan-based company looking to expand its business in Spain

Business mergers often have to deal with situations where two or more companies come to the understanding that they would be better off as one company. So a merger, in most cases, is where companies decide to merge for the benefit of all. An acquisition, on the other hand, is where one company takes over another company that may be struggling to a degree but that may have intellectual property, key employees, real estate or cash flow that the acquiring company would like. Mergers and acquisitions are very similar to each other from a legal point of view and can often be used interchangeably.

Contract dispute between Michigan government and contractor ends

A contract in Michigan is an agreement between two or more parties to do something. There are various types of contracts, but at the end of the day, all contracts follow simple contract law principles. These principles include offer, acceptance, consideration and mutual assent. These are all legal terms and most laypeople do not refer to contracts in these terms, although all contracts require them to be present. A contractual relationship is built on this foundation and if all of the elements of a contract are not met, then the contract may be void or voidable depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Many legal nuances involved in an EEOC discrimination filing

Employment litigation often begins in Detroit when an employee files a claim against their employer for discrimination, harassment, ageism or sexism. These claims have to be substantiated, of course, and filing a court claim can do that. Court claims of this nature place the burden of proof on the employee bringing the claim. The employee generally has to prove that the employer discriminated against the employee on some level. In addition, that proof would have to reach the legal burden that is required in these employment law cases.

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