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November 2014 Archives

What should a business plan look like?

The adventure of starting a new business can be exciting. Becoming your own boss and doing things at your company the way you want to,especially if the dream was to have your own company is an exhilarating thought. But once the excitement of the idea of beginning a business wears off, a prospective business owner has to start thinking about a business plan. Planning a business is where all of the ideas have to come together in an organized, succinct way as to ensure that the creation of the business, which starts with the plan, flourishes.

What are other options to resolving contract disputes?

Disputes regarding a contract occur when the parties either don't agree with the way a contract was handled, which either led to one party being harmed or not made whole. In a contract situation, each party to the contract has rights and responsibilities that they need to adhere to in order for the contractual relationship to run smoothly. When this does not happen that's when disputes can run rampant. And once a contract dispute begins, each side tends to become a little stauncher in their positions and a little less amenable to a resolution especially where court involvement is on the horizon.

Two business giants go to court over contractual matters

A contract exists when willing parties come together and decide to make a deal about goods or services. Contracts must be entered into freely and on a good faith basis. Additionally, the parties to a contract must have the ability to enter into a contract. Minors, individuals that are mentally incapacitated and the like are not legally allowed to enter into contracts on their own behalf and the court will find agreements such as these voidable. Legally, enforceable contracts require offer, acceptance and consideration. Moreover, the parties to the contract are intending to accept the legal consequences that go along with entering into a contractual relationship.

Study finds worker discrimination common in Detroit restaurants

It is important for workers to understand that workplace discrimination is not permissible. A recent study by the Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) found the discrimination is prevalent in the restaurant industry. While the problem is nationwide, according to ROC United, the policies in 273 restaurants in Detroit and two other metro areas in the country were investigated as part of the study. The cities that were part of the study are cities where people of color comprise the majority of the population. The study reported that applicants of color are only 73 percent as likely to receive a job offer as white counterparts and earn 44 percent less than white counterparts.

Mergers continue apace, but spinoffs also on the rise

A merger usually occurs when two companies believe they can operate more efficiently and profitably by combining their resources. Mergers often take the form of corporate acquisitions in which one company purchases another company. These acquisitions can take the form of either asset purchase agreements or stock purchase agreements. In an acquisition the purchasing company typically retains its corporate name and identity, while the acquired company no longer exists as a separate entity.

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