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February 2012 Archives

Saginaw officer cries wrongful discharge

Police officers are employees just like the rest of us. The city or county in which they work is their employer. And just like traditional employees, a police officer has just as much right to take action if they feel they have been wrongfully discharged.

Michigan firework companies sue state for unfair regulations

A group of firework retailers have banded together in business litigation, filing a lawsuit against the state of Michigan for what they say are unfair regulations being placed on their small businesses.

When you can count a home office as a deduction

Tax time is among us and it has Michigan residents getting ready to file returns for both their personal finances and those for their businesses. Many small business owners have chosen to structure their companies as a sole proprietorship, where business finances are lumped in with personal finances. Sole proprietorships are actually the most common form of business in the country.

Litigation flies after cruise ship accident

Haunting images of a jumbo-sized cruise ship tipped on its side in the water after running aground recently captivated people in Michigan and the rest of the world. Now, the company behind the cruise that crashed off the coast of Italy on Jan. 13 has reached a settlement with consumers in a number of countries. However, it still faces a lawsuit that alleges breach of contract and negligence here in the U.S.

Healthcare companies resolve contract dispute

Healthcare provider Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has resolved a dispute over a business contract with Beaumont Health Systems. As a result of the deal, Beaumont has signed a managed-care contract for BCBS's Blue Care Network that will last for the next five years. The five-year window of time began on January 1, 2012.

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