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When employment disputes arise, do you have a strategy?

Michigan employers work hard to find qualified, hard-working employees who are dedicated to the company and its future. Difficult situations can arise from time to time with even the best employees, however, such as when allegations of wrongdoing arise.

Employer faces allegation of religious discrimination

With the vast number of people with different cultural beliefs, religions and manners of dress, it is unavoidable that Michigan businesses will occasionally get caught up in allegations of violations of employee civil rights. When there are assertions that an employer has taken actions that amount to discrimination, it can lead to a lawsuit. The lawsuit is a problem on its own, but many businesses cannot survive even the perception that it is treating a member of a protected class illegally or is violating the law. This is why it is important for businesses to lodge a strong defense against charges of this kind.

Be careful to have the right employee policies in a handbook

As discussed last week in this blog, it is often a good idea for Michigan employers to put some rules in place regarding policies that apply to employees. An employee handbook can cover a wide variety of issues, including some policies tailored to specific types of businesses.

Can an employee be disciplined for social media posts?

The relationship between an employer and employee is often one of the longest lasting and most important relationships Michigan residents have in their lives. At the same time, disputes can arise between employers and employees, whether over minor workplace issues that can be fairly easily resolved, or over major issues that can lead to termination and lawsuits.

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