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When contracts are disputed, are your interests protected?

When Michigan residents make agreements with one another, it is often thought that reducing the agreement to writing will protect the person from future disputes. While it certainly is a good idea to have a written contract executed, particularly for significant transactions, a written contract alone will not prevent all future disputes.

For example, the parties may dispute what was intended at the time the contract was signed. This is particularly true if a provision is ambiguously drafted or silent on an issue that has now arisen.

Last week, this blog discussed how Michigan contract law provides for a number of rules to interpret contracts when disputes arise. Courts are guided by these rules of interpretation, making it important for parties to understand the rules to know how the court will examine their contract.

Even with the rules of contract interpretation in place, however, contract disputes can be anything but clear. For instance, different rules of contract interpretation might produce conflicting results, making it unclear which rule should control. More commonly, the parties may still have different arguments for how certain rules should be applied.

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with contract disputes. We examine the contract and research the law to understand how the court may interpret the contract in a particular case. We also advocate forcefully on behalf of our clients to explain to the court what was intended at the time the contract was signed, and how our clients deserve relief in the case. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our webpage on contract law.

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