Insurance Regulation

Insurance Regulation and Transactional Practice

While each state in which an insurer conducts business has its own regulations, there has been significant movement toward uniformity through the efforts of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Federal regulation of insurance is expanding, and this trend is expected to continue in light of increasing regulation in the financial services industry.

Despite these changes, insurers who operate in multiple states still face a complex regulatory landscape.

At the law offices of Kaufman, Payton & Chapa, our goal is to help you navigate changes in the law and to ensure you do not unintentionally violate the web of rules created by multiple state and federal jurisdictions.

We represent insurance companies, agents, agencies, and underwriters, as well as self-insured corporate clients. We assist clients with a wide range of insurance and liability matters, protecting our clients' financial and professional interests with knowledgeable legal counsel and effective trial and appellate representation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our legal team has extensive knowledge of insurance and reinsurance regulation. We maintain an extensive network of professional and regulatory relationships dedicated to the service of our clients' needs.

Formation and Licensing

We assist our clients in the formation and licensing of insurance companies, reinsurers, surplus lines insurers, producers, and other regulated insurance entities in all the states. Our participation with a network of attorneys in all the states allows us to assist our clients in all the United States. We advise our clients on the most suitable legal forms and jurisdictions, including capital and structure, finance and other matters.

Regulatory Matters

We advise our clients on regulatory issues and obstacles that could affect them. Our guidance covers the full spectrum of insurance regulatory matters, including intercompany transactions, market and claims conduct activities, disciplinary issues, forms, rates, and rules filing issues.

Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance

We assist our clients in all aspects of excess and surplus lines insurance business, including formation, premium tax and brokerage fee matters. We work with all excess and surplus line entities, including insurers, wholesale brokers and producers.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations

We provide our clients with pragmatic, cost-effective and creative approaches to mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of insurance entities. Our extensive experience extends to acquisitions and disposals of books of insurance businesses, stock and share purchases, renewal rights transactions, portfolio transfers, assumption reinsurance, and other creative forms of corporate restructuring and reorganization.

Captive Insurance

We guide our clients through the formation, licensing and capitalization of captives in onshore and offshore jurisdictions. We advise our clients on the most suitable legal forms and jurisdictions with respect to the captive insurance business. We have broad range of experience in the leading domiciliary jurisdictions, including Vermont, South Carolina, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Corporate Transactional Matters

We guide our clients through other aspects of general corporate and governance matters, including director and officer liability coverage. Our extensive knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance industry, coupled with our experience in corporate matters, give us a unique advantage in providing practical and creative solutions to our clients in insurance and corporate transactional matters.

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